Why Herschel Walker MUST Be Elected

I received the message below from a person I know and it makes sense to me.  So if you live in Georgia, let's all WORK to get out the conservative vote.  It is a huge mistake for anyone to think it is not crucial that Herschel be elected in the wake of the announcement that the Dems control the Senate.


If Herschel wins, the Senate goes back to 50/50, as it was before the midterms. Now this is where Joe Manchin becomes important. Manchin held firm on some issues and went against the Dems. He then made the mistake of voting for the reduced spending bill.  West Virginia is one of the reddest states in the country. His popularity plummeted when he did this and the citizens of WV hammered him. He recently strongly criticized Biden for remarks about the coal industry which I believe signaled to WV that he was making amends. He is up for reelection in 2024 and there was already talk of primaring him. He will not make another mistake that goes against the people of WV. So I believe he becomes our 51st vote on crucial issues.


If Herschel is not elected, the Senate will be 51-49. At that point, Manchin is irrelevant  .Even if he sides with the GOP, the 50/50 vote will be broken by Kamala. What does this mean? With 51 votes the Dems can end the filibuster, move to pack the Supreme Court and approve radical judges, all over the objection of the GOP or anyone else. 


Understand why this election is crucial? You MUST vote and you must encourage friends and family to vote. Please spread the word all you can. 

Submitted by Tim Groza