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Dear neighbors, 


We are just over 100 days into our Republican majority in the House, and we are just getting started. My team and I have been hard at work fighting for our shared values in Washington and across the 10th district. Here are a few of the highlights of what we have accomplished thus far! 


We have solved more than 230 cases for constituents across the district, including veterans needing help with benefits, challenges with Social Security benefits, expediting passport applications, and so much more. Casework helps people facing challenges with federal agencies and puts your hard-earned money back in your pockets by making the government once again working for YOU. Contact my office if you need help!


In Washington, I have introduced two bills. My first bill H.R. 1734, the TRANQ Research Act, will direct the National Institute of Standards and Technology to conduct vital research on fentanyl additives like the veterinary tranquilizer xylazine, more commonly known as the “Zombie” drug. By understanding these substances better and learning to identify them in the field, law enforcement and border agents will be able to protect themselves while they are keeping our communities safe. 


I will always stand with our heroes in blue, and I am proud that the TRANQ Act has already been marked up by the Science, Space, and Technology Committee and is on its way to the House floor in the coming weeks!


I also introduced H.R. 1818, the Aviation Workforce Development Act, which has received endorsements from both sides of the aisle and the aviation industry. 


A strong commercial aviation industry requires a steady supply of pilots and mechanics, but the high cost of training in these fields can deter Americans from choosing these vital careers. My bill will help alleviate that burden by giving aspiring aviators and aircraft mechanics the same tools to learn their craft as those wanting to attend a four-year university. The best part? We’re just letting people use their 529 Plan funds for FAA-certified programs, so there is zero added cost to taxpayers.


As a member of the Republican House majority, I have also worked with my colleagues to deliver results for the American people. So far, we have voted to:



All of these great bills now await action in the U.S. Senate. This work is just the start of what we will do with our strong Republican majority in the House. If the first 100 days are an example of the next 100 days, the best is yet to come! 






Mike Collins
Member of Congress

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