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Black GOP Group’s Message to Georgians

“Don’t Be Bamboozled”


The “doubleheader” visit on Tuesday by President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris was unprecedented on several scales. Never in modern history has our nation’s seen its two top executive officers travel to the same place, same time, same plane, and for all the wrong reasons. This is according to the Georgia Black Republican Council.

“The words of the President opining for the passage of two voting rights bills now languishing in the US Senate rings hollow to the ‘City of Civil Rights’. Someone needs to tell the president that now almost on the eve of the MLK Holiday and soon to be the celebration of Black History Month; the essence of voting is second nature for us in Georgia.

We embrace the message of freedom and empowerment of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King as well as the determination and power of our vote as espoused by Fannie Lou Hammer.  Someone needs to tell them that in Georgia the largest increase in voter participation in recent elections is the black vote.

This is why we believe that Georgia voters will not be bamboozled by political rhetoric to believe that Georgia has not taken the necessary steps by making SB202 law and securing our future elections.  Especially, when the newly adopted Election Integrity Bill, gives voters in Georgia close to thirty days, including multiple weekends, to vote.    In the simplest terms, we support the requirement of voter ID and have long felt that in our state, we harvest crops, but should not harvest votes. In Georgia

Furthermore, it is quite a telling omen to note that the college campus where President Biden held his event, visiting professor, Gubernatorial candidate, and Fair Fight advocate, Stacey Abrams decided to ‘skip the class’.

We urge President Biden and Vice President Harris to hasten back to the campus of our nation’s Capital and address the medical pandemic surge upon us. Meanwhile, Vice President Harris could be more productive by addressing the illegal immigrating flood of people and deadly drugs across our Southern border. We are already on the right track toward securing our vote in Georgia for All of our citizens”.



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Mike Murphey, Board of Directors, GABRC



Camilla J. Moore, Chairman

Georgia Black Republican Council