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Herschel for Democracy

Joe Biden, Raphael Warnock, and the Democratic Party campaign to preserve Democracy. Yet it is the Democrats who consistently undermine it. They violate the right to life of unborn and newly born babies. They rewrite American history with their bogus Critical Race Theory. To Democrats, every issue in about race. Anyone who disagrees with their narrative is a racist. They ignore the constitution by failing to secure our borders; then they offer social benefits to illegal immigrants. They violate the rule of law by failing to prosecute criminals, allowing riots in the streets, and defunding the police. They restrict free enterprise by destroying our energy industry and endless regulation of business. Their economic policies devalue the U.S. dollar, create shortages of essential products, and produce record-setting inflation. The Democrats violate our election process with crossvoting in primaries and ballot harvesting. Democrats launched the U.S. into slavery but now promote reparations to be paid for by people who were never involved. They disrespect the Supreme Court by threatening retaliation against any decision against their politics. They support harassment of conservative justices and interfere with their appointment. They threaten to pack the court with liberal justices to further their socialism agenda. They act consistently to limit gun ownership contrary to the second amendment.

If you vote for Raphael Warnock, you are accepting these threats against democracy

Herschel Walker is pro-life, pro-business, and pro-Democracy. He supports the second amendment. He respects the rule of law. He will act in Congress to secure our borders. He respects the Supreme Court authority to set the law of the land. Herschel Walker is a devout Christian who wants to put God back into our schools. Raphael Warnock is a senator for Rafael Warnock. Hershel Walker will be a Senator for Georgia.

Herschel Walker deserves our vote for U.S Senate.


Gerry Giesler

Letter to Editor -The Worst Possible Outcome in November

In their letter to the LAKE OCONEE NEWS last week, Hamilton, Gilkison, et al suggest we “Stay the Course” with the Biden Administration in general and re-elect Warnock in particular.


This would be the worst possible outcome in November.

If the Democrats maintain control of Congress in November, Joe Biden will be empowered to further his liberal, socialist agenda.

Think about it…
The Justice Department and the FBI will rev up their Gestapo-like tactics against any of us who disagree with the Democratic narrative. 

Crime in our cities will continue to escalate as liberal Mayors, Prosecutors, and Attorneys General refuse to deal with the perpetrators.
Immigration will continue out-of-control.  Millions of illegals will enter our country and bring their drugs and criminals with them.  Social programs to care for these immigrants will exceed what is done for our Citizens in need and will cost Taxpayers billions.
Costs of everything will continue to rise as supplies are constrained by Government

Additional absurd programs will be fostered at taxpayer expense, like Biden’s unconstitutional Tuition Loan Forgiveness program that will cost an estimated $450 billion.
Our military will be weakened by Critical Race Theory, LGBTQ+ and other mandates.
Taxes on individuals and businesses will reach historic highs.
DC will become a State with two Democratic Senators.
The Supreme Court will be politicized, and the Constitution will become irrelevant.
The Senate will eliminate the filibuster meaning that their majority will let them do anything they want. 

We will never regain our energy independence as overcommitment to renewal energy will stifle investments in fossil fuels that we will have to import to meet increasing energy needs.
We will experience the worst recession in decades.

The Democrats will call this “Preposterous!”

But the sad part of these predictions is that many of them are already happening.


Do not allow this tragedy to unfold in America. Get out and vote against them.

Unfortunately, we cannot get rid of Biden for two more years.

Gerry Giesler
Greensboro, GA


No Sainthood for Rafael Warnock

I agree with the title of the op-ed written by V. Johnson, B. Hamilton et al, and published in last week’s Lake Oconee News; “Georgia needs competent representation.”  But we also need someone who understands the will of Georgia voters and I cannot see how Pastor Warnock is that person. He does not represent us when he votes with Joe Biden 95.5% of the time. He does not represent us when he wants to eliminate the filibuster in the U.S. Senate, impose gun controls in conflict with the Second Amendment, promote D.C. statehood, and support open abortion (in conflict with his Christian beliefs). Rafael Warnock is a left-wing liberal and a member of the democratic elite in Washington who would like America to become a socialist country. The people of Georgia just do not lean that way.

Warnock was a strong supporter of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and HR 1, For the People Act that would have instituted automatic (and uncontrollable) voter registration, no excuse mail-in voting, and reduced ballot integrity. These bills would have subordinated State Legislatures to the federal Government in regulating elections. They would have paved the way for undocumented immigrants to vote. It passed the Democratic Controlled Congress but could not pass the Senate with at least two Democrats against it.

Herschel Walker is an American icon. He was an All-American football player in college, elected to the College Football Hall of Fame, an NFL Pro-Bowler, a member of the 1992 U.S. Winter Olympics Team, and a member of the President’s Council on Sports Fitness and Nutrition. He lives by the manta “tough times make tough people” and he has overcome some difficult personal setbacks. He opposes the unrealistic extremes of the Green New Deal and supports regaining American energy independence. He would vote to reduce federal regulations that strangle small businesses. He opposes abortion. He would vote against Biden’s new tax proposals. He would stand up to Biden’s insane and illegal Student Loan Forgiveness proposal and get Congress back in the driver’s seat for this large outlay of taxpayer dollars.

Herschel Walker is not owned by the establishment that runs Washington DC. He would represent me, not them. I would be happy to have him in the U.S. Senate.


Gerry Giesler

Greensboro, GA

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