No Sainthood for Rafael Warnock

I agree with the title of the op-ed written by V. Johnson, B. Hamilton et al, and published in last week’s Lake Oconee News; “Georgia needs competent representation.”  But we also need someone who understands the will of Georgia voters and I cannot see how Pastor Warnock is that person. He does not represent us when he votes with Joe Biden 95.5% of the time. He does not represent us when he wants to eliminate the filibuster in the U.S. Senate, impose gun controls in conflict with the Second Amendment, promote D.C. statehood, and support open abortion (in conflict with his Christian beliefs). Rafael Warnock is a left-wing liberal and a member of the democratic elite in Washington who would like America to become a socialist country. The people of Georgia just do not lean that way.

Warnock was a strong supporter of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and HR 1, For the People Act that would have instituted automatic (and uncontrollable) voter registration, no excuse mail-in voting, and reduced ballot integrity. These bills would have subordinated State Legislatures to the federal Government in regulating elections. They would have paved the way for undocumented immigrants to vote. It passed the Democratic Controlled Congress but could not pass the Senate with at least two Democrats against it.

Herschel Walker is an American icon. He was an All-American football player in college, elected to the College Football Hall of Fame, an NFL Pro-Bowler, a member of the 1992 U.S. Winter Olympics Team, and a member of the President’s Council on Sports Fitness and Nutrition. He lives by the manta “tough times make tough people” and he has overcome some difficult personal setbacks. He opposes the unrealistic extremes of the Green New Deal and supports regaining American energy independence. He would vote to reduce federal regulations that strangle small businesses. He opposes abortion. He would vote against Biden’s new tax proposals. He would stand up to Biden’s insane and illegal Student Loan Forgiveness proposal and get Congress back in the driver’s seat for this large outlay of taxpayer dollars.

Herschel Walker is not owned by the establishment that runs Washington DC. He would represent me, not them. I would be happy to have him in the U.S. Senate.


Gerry Giesler

Greensboro, GA

Joe Biden = Inflation + Taxes

Joe Biden was beaming in last week’s press conference. He made the absurd statement, “We reached a milestone, inflation in July was 0%, zero”. Joe, that is a flat out lie. While inflation may not have increased in July over June, it is still running at 8-9% over last year. That is not zero! Furthermore, the July Producer Price Index (PPI) rose in July to 140.43, up from138.88 for June, and from 126.30 from a year ago. The PPI is a precursor to future inflation. You could assume Joe just does not understand inflation in view of his many other gaffes. But it is more likely that he just wants to mislead the American public and paint a prettier picture for his administration.

This continues with the so-called Inflation Reduction Act which is clearly a misnomer for Democratic Party Tax and Spend. The University of Pennsylvania Budget model calculated “a very low level of confidence this bill will have any impact on inflation.” How could it? Pump an additional $430 billion into the U.S. economy with no corresponding growth in goods and services and we will have more inflation. Add to that the cost of 87,000 additional IRS staff, and the inflation problem multiplies.

The 15% minimum tax on corporations will generate a predictable outcome; corporations will raise prices for their products. This is an additional boost to inflation and imposes a hidden tax on the middle class. Non-partisan analysis concluded this bill raises taxes on the middle class with no meaningful deficit reduction.

The Joint Committee on Taxation concluded American Manufacturers will shoulder almost half of the corporate tax hikes, damaging the U.S. Economy and forcing more business overseas.

Joe’s campaign promise he will not increase taxes for anyone earning less that $400,00? Forget it, Joe lied. The new tax law will collect an additional $16.7 billion from people with incomes less than $200,000. An additional $14.1 billion will be collected from people earning between $200,000 and 500,000, with at least 50% coming from those earning less than $400,000.

So, the Infrastructure Reduction Act has little to do with controlling inflation and more to do with business as usual in a Democratic controlled Congress.


Gerry Giesler

The Deep State Conspiracy to Neutralize Donald Trump

The day after Donald Trump was elected President in 2016, the left-leaning media called for his impeachment. That began a multi-faceted conspiracy among the leftist elites in our government and their media henchmen to undermine Trump and his Presidency.

The first onslaught was the narrative that he was not fit to be President. Maxine Waters, Democratic Representative from California proclaimed, “he is not my President.” He was too old. He was mentally unbalanced, etc. And the print and television media ran with it. Once they elected Joe Biden, Trump looks like Einstein!

Then as Trump started to deal with the immigration problems on the southern border, the Democratic Party and the media said this was a “manufactured problem.” His call for a border wall was racist and he is a racist. Most of us of course know that the Democrat definition of a Racist is “anyone who disagrees with the Democrats narrative.” Now Biden has decided to rebuild the wall, but nobody is calling him a racist.

Soon came the great smokescreen of Russian collusion. Russia interfered with the election in favor of Trump over Hillary, said the narative. According to Adam Schiff, Democratic Representative for California, there was credible evidence Trump was a Russian agent. This preposterous claim was supported by James Clapper and James Baker at the top of the U.S. Security conglomerate. This was more than “noise” from the left as they succeeded in appointing a Special Counsel Robert Mueller and twelve democratic cohorts to prove this claim. After spending $30-40 million in taxpayer funds and working for two and a half years, none of the claims were substantiated. But the democrats rode this horse for over three years and were never held accountable for their lies.

Then came the Covid-19 Pandemic, labeled by Nancy Pelosi “the Trump flu”. Their political bias blinded them to the wrongs of the Chinese, the World Health Organization and Dr. Fauci in leading us astray as to what this was and how to deal with it. When Trump instituted a ban on foreign travel to the U.S. to stem the rise of this Pandemic, he was again called a racist among other derogatory names. Infection rates and death tolls were intentionally inflated by Dr Fauci and the media to fault Trump’s leadership in dealing with it.

Then there came a mysterious whistle blower who “overheard” a phone call between Trump and the President of Ukraine. The whistle blower’s interpretation of the phone call, as well as Adam Schiff’s exaggeration of its relevance, enabled the next attack on Trump. He was accused of trading military aid to Ukraine for political influence. But the Democratic Congress and the media parlayed this into an Impeachment of President Trump. The whole Ukraine flap directed at Trump was to cover up the Hunter and Joe Biden real quid pro quo with Ukraine, and Russia, which was squelched by the media until after the election of 2020. The Bidens have not yet been brought to account for their dealings.

Jerrold Nadler, NY Congressman, and a Trump hater, has conducted a years-long vendetta of investigations into Trump’s Taxes and then Trump’s business dealings. Numerous filings against Trump were made in the left-friendly Southern NY District Court. None of these charges have been proven, the case was so weak that the prosecuting attorneys quit!

When there were Republican accusations and hundreds of lawsuits claiming fraud in the 2020 elections, our justice system made the precipitous judgment these were without merit and decided to throw them out of court without due process hearings, a clear stance to preserve and protect the establishment.

And here we are with the scam January 6 hearings being orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi, the person in Washington DC who could have thwarted the riot before it started if she had obeyed her President and deployed the National Guard. These are the same politicians who did nothing to stop the riots of the Summer of 2020 and have done nothing to apprehend the criminals who orchestrated $billions of property damages, injuries, and deaths.

Because Congress was slow to act or ineffective, Trump issued Executive Orders during his Presidency. Repeatedly,  Democrats found a leftist Judge to issue an injunction to stop implementation of the order. In most instances these injunctions were determined to be illegal. But each situation caused delays of important actions, just to bog down Trump’s Administration.

If these were not enough examples of a conspiracy, consider that last week, the FBI, a key branch of the politically weaponized Justice Department, executed an unannounced raid on Trump’s private property in Mar a Lago. It is not clear whether this was anything other than a fishing expedition to try to find something, anything to damage Trump. Based upon experience, the FBI will “find” something to incriminate Trump, and this cloud will prevail until after the midterms. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the FBI report on Hunter’s laptop, or Hillary’s emails for that matter.

Leftist actions to cancel Donald Trump are un-American, unlawful, unethical and are driven by one and only one motive. Prevent him from running for President in 2024.

Trump is not of the Democratic Elite establishment. He is outspoken about “draining the swamp” that is Washington DC, where career politicians appoint agency heads that perpetuate their agenda from Administration to Administration. Trump threatens their jobs, and their power. He is a disruptor, and he interferes with their path to socialism and total control of America. Because of Trump’s abrasive personality and style, his supporters are now vulnerable to shifting our allegiance. But we cannot let ourselves to be tricked by this conspiracy to negate Trump. We need a tough General like Trump to lead the Patriots’ war against those trying to ruin our country.


Gerry Giesler

Icebergs Ahead

On April 15, 1912, the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City. More than 1500 lives were lost in the disaster. The Titanic was considered indestructible, so how could this happen? First, there were countless human errors in failing to act upon warnings communicated to the ship. They truly believed they were too big to fail. Second, icebergs are devilish things. In addition to dangers visible above the water, the Titanic found out the threats below the water were fatal. We need to revisit lessons learned from that tragedy because the United States of America is headed toward a modern-day equivalent of icebergs.

The dangers that are visible to us are significant enough to be worried. Immigration is a mess. Our economy looks healthy enough but is being undermined by record-breaking inflation. Crime is rampant in our large cities. Elements of Socialism are creeping into many aspects of our government and our lives. Our energy policy is unworkable. Government spending and debt are out of control. Our people have lost confidence in our President and the Congress. Our media, once a meaningful check and balance on the effectiveness of our government, has lost all credibility. But there are additional threats lurking beneath the surface.

Weakness in Washington, visible worldwide, has enabled our would-be enemies to become major threats to our way of life. Russia has been emboldened to overtake Ukraine. Don’t think for a minute their imperialism will end there. China has staked claims to the South China Sea and is preparing to annex Taiwan. Iran has re-emerged as a nuclear threat primarily because the Biden Administration has relaxed our constraints. Is Israel no longer safe from annihilation? North Korea continues to fester under the rule of a despot. Worse yet, there are indications all these Communist countries are united ideologically to destroy America. Our reaction to these threats has been all talk and little action.

On September 29, 1959, Nikita Khrushchev, Premier of the Soviet Union, gave a landmark speech on Communism. It included a message to the western world, “Your children’s children will live under communism. We will bury you without a shot being fired”.  Like the crew of the Titanic, our leaders have been warned. Their willingness and ability to act is questionable.

Our democratic controlled Congress hit an all-time low approval rating of 36% in June. Overall, 82% of us disapprove of the job Congress is doing. That is even worse than Biden’s disapproval rating of 55%. Clearly neither branch of our Government is doing their job. We need to make real changes, starting with the mid-term elections in November. Get out and vote!


Gerry Giesler